Moleb the Giant (a Tale of the Cardinal Fates)

ISBN-13: 978-1983511325

The world is on the verge of an age of enlightenment. Generations have passed since mankind was last forced to contend with magic and monsters. Yet in the True North, unbeknownst to anyone, an embittered king has released his most fearsome and hated enemy. That loathsome creature is Moleb, the last giant.


Now freed from isolation, the giant wanders south to find both healing and revenge. After haunting the borders of Russland for decades, Moleb is finally granted a chance for redemption. His destiny not only threatens to disrupt the winds of change, but may also usher in a new era of terror and chaos for all mankind.

Moleb the Giant is the first book of the Cardinal Fates, a unique post-RPG fantasy world where the civilizations of man are in the throes of progress and discovery, but they will first have to contend with powers refusing to fade into antiquity. What are these forces, and can mankind break free of their influence?

The Darkness Out of Carthage

ISBN-13: 978-1500885595

Over 100 years before Julius Caesar's assassination, Rome marched against Carthage and left it in ruin. Contrary to recorded history, Rome fought not to eliminate her greatest rival but for the survival of all mankind. A secret lost to time is now revealed; told through the eyes of a witness to the horrible darkness spreading out of Carthage.


Mixing historical fact with elements of Lovecraftian horror, The Darkness Out of Carthage explores the Third Punic War with the question "what if Rome fought not to be the world's conqueror but its savior?"

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The Horror of Loon Lake

ISBN-13: 978-1502389435

Forced to spend a week at a Minnesota cabin with his family, a teenage boy finds out that Loon Lake holds much more than fish. The catch of the day is horror comics, and the teenage boy finds himself... hooked.


The Horror of Loon Lake is a horror comic anthology collection by writer Carl D. Smith, designed as an homage to 60's and 70's horror comics. The anthology showcases an army of indie artists who all share a similar passion for all things eerie. The stories within explore the creepy side of ghosts, vampires, pro wrestling, dance clubs, bullies, graveyards, and even a cursed swing set.


This was Carl D Smith's debut project, and one that formed the foundation for all of Lake Lord Publishing's works to come. 


Includes the fan-favorite "Smell a Rat," featuring the art of Stan Chou.

L is for Loon

ISBN-13: 978-1502857965

Emma didn’t give the phone call much thought. Someone in Minnesota had a job for her; a quick recovery dive into the waters of Loon Lake. What Emma did not know is that Loon Lake possesses a dark history. Until she found herself standing on its quiet shores, she was unaware that Loon Lake leaves no person unchanged...

Inside this book is a collection of short stories, inspired by the same events and settings behind The Horror of Loon Lake graphic novel. Each tale is revealed to the reader as Emma nears her ominous destination. A celebration of the creepy, L is for Loon explores the untold horror that lurks in the American Midwest.

The first anthology published by Carl D Smith, L is for Loon further establishes the Loon Lake mythos and draws from stories/ideas that were intended to be part of The Horror of Loon Lake. Miss the days of snagging a horror short-story anthology from the school library? Well, here is your chance to relive that spooky joy!

Includes rhe fan-favorite "Ambrus Sanguine's Final Show"

The BCWYWF Argosy

ISBN-13: 978-1542580755

BCWYWF stands for "Be Careful What You Wish For" and is the short lived anthology comic book series that was intended to tackle a different bittersweet feature of adult life with each issue. 

Collecting the now out-of-print highlights of the series, The BCWYWF Argosy also explores the process of self-publishing in a series of reflections, scripts, and unused material. A celebration of both the short-lived indie comic series as well as a peek into the world of a novice publisher. 

A wonderful glimpse into DIY comic making in the internet/print on demand age!


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