Carl D. Smith (@carlsmithwriter) was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1974. Reading and writing have always been his primary joys in life. With a nagging desire to help others for a living, he attended Nebraska Christian College and graduated with a BA in Pastoral Ministry in 1998. Plans changed, as they so often do, and he decided to leave the ministry almost immediately after graduation. He then decided to pursue a life in pharmacy, a career that better suited him. Attending Creighton University, Carl earned his PharmD in 2009. Beyond the humanities and pharmacology, Carl enjoys studying anthropology, physics, Roman history, and Mad Magazine. Lots of Mad Magazine.

The Darkness Out of Carthage was Carl's first published prose work, and since his projects include a line of children's books, fantasy novels, comics, and a kid-friendly role-playing game. He operates a Patreon, by which he hopes to pay his monthly Adobe subscription. But sometimes he spends some of it on gas station hot dogs and tacos. 

Carl can be found working at the Nebraska Regional Poison Control Center, listening to Cubs baseball, reading comic books, writing, and daydreaming. In the winter, he'll be battling the snow with his trusty snow-blower, nick-named Killdozer. In the summer he may be found skateboarding around his neighborhood. Along with his co-hosts Eddie and Jeff, Carl sits at the helm of the Make Eternia Great Again podcast. MEGA celebrates all things He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, as well as the sort of friendships grown men have when they share childhood obsessions. 


He sincerely and deeply hopes you'll buy his books. 


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