What's new at Lake Lord Publishing?

Summer 2019 was a busy time for Lord Lake Publishing! While most folks in Iowa were enjoying sweet corn and throwing beanbags, we were hunkered down and putting out new releases for all ages! 

The biggest news was the release of our first fantasy novel, Moleb the Giant. It is the first entry in the Cardinal Fates line of fantasy fiction. In it we are introduced to a world where science and philosophy are growing, and the belief in monsters is disappearing. When a trio of scavengers come across a real, living giant, it becomes clear that some things refuse to disappear.

Shortly after Moleb, we released the debut volume of our new children's series. Adventure Siblings tells the ongoing adventures of Colin and Kendall, two kids spending their summer vacation hunting monsters and thwarting wizards.  

What would Lake Lord be without horror? Well, we haven't forgot our spooky roots so we introduced our new Blackhawk series of horror. Blackhawk is a fictional city/region in Colorado that has been always home to tragedy, mystery, disappearances, and all out strangeness. The stories, and history, of this weird locale will slowly assemble through the short stories of some of today's freshest and most enthusiastic horror writers. Yes, that's right! The Blackhawk experiment will be the first Lake Lord product to features writers other than Carl D Smith!

All of these releases are also available as eBooks, and audiobooks are in development as you read this. There is a lot to be excited for still in 2019, so keep an eye on this site, the blog, and be sure to head over to Amazon (or your favorite bookstore) and grab copies of these, and other, fantastic books!


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